Looking for the Top 5 Hearing Aids? Look for Audiologist Reviews Instead

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Individual experiences with any specific hearing aid will largely depend on how well they have been customized and tuned by an audiologist.

You or someone you care about needs hearing aids, so you’re in the market to find the very best hearing aid you can get for your budget. Doing what many of us do when considering a significant purchase, you go online to investigate options. You browse lists of the highest-rated devices, comparisons of specific features, and even reviews from actual users. Unfortunately, while Top 5 lists can be very helpful when buying a dishwasher or toaster, they’re not so reliable when it comes to hearing aids. So before you spend your hard-earned dollars on something that someone else said worked great for them, let’s consider what question you really should be asking.

The truth about the Top 5 hearing aids…

The simple truth is that most name-brand hearing aids are similar in quality and are generally comparable. Certain aids are sometimes better for a particular person due to the nature of their hearing loss or lifestyle. However, the differences between major brands are not enormous. Of course, there are “bargain” hearing aids on the market with lower quality builds, outdated technology, and limited features, and it’s true that they don’t compare to the higher quality devices. But among the widely known brands, it is not the hearing aid which will define the quality of your experience.

There are a huge number of variables in how a device is fitted and tuned to the individual person. The result is that one person may have a terrible experience with a specific hearing aid, and another person may have a fantastic experience with the exact same model. The defining factor is how the device is tuned and customized for the individual using it. Choosing a hearing aid based on a Top 5 list online is effectively picking a hearing aid out of a hat…the reviews are unlikely to have any bearing at all on what your experience will be.

So what should I be asking?

So if hearing aid reviews aren’t helpful, how can you ensure the best outcome from your investment? The answer is to find reviews of the audiologist who will be fitting you with the hearing aid, instead. A good audiologist takes their time to fully evaluate your hearing loss, and consider your preferences and lifestyle when recommending a brand or model. They will also be the one programming the aid to your particular level of hearing loss, and helping you maintain it over time so that even if your hearing changes the hearing aid will continue to give you good service. So take your time and read the histories and reviews of audiologists in your area when considering getting a hearing aid. If you’re not sure what to look for, a guide to help you evaluate potential doctors is available at this link.

Of course everyone is entitled to review both devices and services online, and in many cases reviews can be extremely helpful. But in a situation where you are attempting to improve a sense which is effectively impossible to compare to others online, reviews of the professionals whose job it is to understand the details and nuances of both your hearing loss and the devices you use are far more likely to help you find the solution that will be best for you.

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